We are a group of people who lived in harmony with nature, with professionalism and vast experience, he sees in each space an opportunity to beautify and liven with a nice natural experience, returning the planet a little bit of everything great that gives us . So, we create harmonious, sensitive and special spaces to exalt emotions.

The creation or restoration of a beautiful place should be on the conscience of each of us. We offer the design of new places or redesign of existing, optimizing the vegetation, supported by a team of experts and partners who share our passion to make you live unique pleasurable experiences inspired by nature.


  • We have the ability to perform landscaping projects, maintenance of green spaces and environments in general.
  • We offer a wide variety of services that can meet their needs in the most professional, personal and cost-effectively.
  • We design, build, maintain and improve its green areas.
  • Environment offers from a Matera to landscape restoration and environmental improvement.
  • Our advisory services and execution of remodeling of spaces, taking into account customer needs, the environment, the level of maintenance and other factors that will allow the new green space provides a harmony with their environment.
  • Design and construction of gardens
  • Use of recyclable materials
  • Restoration of degraded areas
  • fertilization, pest control and epiphytes
  • Trimming lawn and hedges
  • Recovery of green areas
  • Reforestation
  • Pruning Training, enhancement, balance, removing diseased branches and / or dried.
  • Friendly architectural designs with the environment
  • Training and environmental advice
  • Environmental workshops
  • Risk management evaluation

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