We accompany you in the creation and design of your event, with innovative ideas using technology in some cases. We have a group of professionals under an ethical framework, with emotional intelligence, ability to adapt to change, autonomy, teamwork, risk management and uncertainty.


  • Design, creation, planning, execution and evaluation of events
  • Manage communication strategies and products for different types of events.
  • Act with a vocation for service and continuous learning.
  • Interact and dialogue with knowledge and professionals in your field of interest, as well as other disciplines.
  • Formulate projects within the framework of creative industries, understood as own events or for third parties.
  • Design entrepreneurship proposals for companies that produce events or provide them.
  • Plan and organize academic, political, social, cultural, business, sports and sectoral events, as a tool that integrates marketing and communication, developing tasks from the creative proposal according to the briefing received and the budgetary framework of the event.
  • Perform various tasks throughout the process involved in organizing an event and the relationship with the client.
  • Coordinate the logistics, communications, protocol, customer service, advertising and marketing of an event.
  • Manage projects in your field for the public, private and NGO sectors.
  • Evaluate and Operate events.
  • Event Logistics

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