We contribute to give value to waste doing what a pull commercially viable products: creating new products, new concepts in waste management. We have knowledge, experience and information about waste, and apply this active in all projects in which we participate or promote.

Waste and recycling involves leveraging resources thereby contributing to conserve raw materials and energy, and reducing the amount of final waste that is generated. But recycling is not over until that recycled products are consumed.

Ecological advertising with personalized designs for each client, contributing to the environment:

  • Ecological bags
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Ecological Cards
  • Ecological pencils
  • Ecological Notebooks
  • Mugs and Thermoses that avoid the use of plastic products
  • Printing and Signaling for garbage cans
  • Ecological Stands
  • Marketing and design of Ecological products


  • Design and development of new products recycled, new materials from waste: ECODISEÑO and technological innovation
  • Developing markets, removing barriers, creating tools for promoting buying recycled, etc.
  • Project management, waste treatment and recycled products.
  • Construction of gardens, playgrounds, green walls through recycled tires, in order to make use alternatives necessary to implement these residues in the area of construction and decoration. In addition it is intended to encourage and motivate the study on the topic contributing to public health, to create green jobs and protect the environment.

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