We are organizational consultants and auditors in different business areas. We support our customers by helping them obtain high-performance businesses.

We help build strategic plans to achieve sustainable goals in time.

Our company operates on a project-based structure (Project Based Management), characterized by the standardization of managerial work, the use of information technology and communications (ICT) as support life support rapid, low levels of hierarchy and answer's capacity.

The best option for your business training, international experience and adjusted to 100% of corporate training needs.

  • Enviromental Advising
  • Renewable Energy Advising
  • Event logistics
  • Business Consultancies
  • Refreshments, business meals and Café service

Business experiences:

  • Advice for the Development of the Disaster Risk Management Plan for the Municipality of Popayán
  • Logistics for the 3rd Rio Cali Ecofestival
  • Logistics for Cañaveralejo Vive Event 2017
  • Logistics for University of Valle 2017 Environmental Week
  • Workshop Logistics
  • Business Refreshments
  • workshops and courses

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