We are a multidisciplinary team of professionals, working in coordination to optimize and efficiently channel processes with extensive experience in different fields, in order to position, consolidating and maintaining corporate image and prestige.


Be leaders in products and / or services with quality, innovative and competitive market, applying the philosophy of Just in Time (JIT), towards a sustainable green environment and peace, a human resource first.


It is recognized globally for its quality products and / or services, social responsibility and leadership.


Our employees constitute akey resource at the  Entorno Global Company. With their support. Our team have professionals: economists, foresters, accountants, architects, journalists, social workers. With experience in natural resources, marketing, finance, landscaping consultants to public, private companies and international nonprofit organizations. Specialization in Urban Environmental Management, International Business Management, Finance, Human Resources, landscaping and more. Business advisors.




  • Commitment and responsibility to society: The company must promote and encourage commitment to the people and be accountable to the functions they perform.
  • Accessibility and transparency: The Company shall be easily accessible for anyone, and its actions, management is transparent.
  • Cooperation and collaboration: The company must maintain relations with other similar companies, institutions or organizations, public or private. You should also encourage cooperation and collaboration among its members.  
  • Plurality and complementarity: The Company must respect every human being.
  • Professionalism and experience: The company must be managed and operate effectively and efficiently, and apply all the experience of its partners and employees.  
  • Dynamism and Innovation: The company must be proactive and innovative in their performances.
  • Discipline: Be on time, follow a path thoroughly plan, set goals and strive to achieve them, separate personal things from the company, respect the resources of the Company or as such, and generally have the complete conviction and not leave half the things that are important for the proper formation of a successful project.
  • Gender Equity: Fairness and equality of men and women in the control and use of goods and services in society.

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